Mice Control

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Mice infestations are much more common and destructive than you realise, and most homes and commercial properties can benefit from regular, professional inspections to eliminate and prevent mice infestations.

Why control mice?

Mice infestations are much more common and destructive than you realise, mice infestations can become a big problem very quickly. Even a small infestation of mice can result in considerable structural damage.

  • Female mice able to give birth to 5-10 litters a year
  • Mice frequently chew on a variety of hard materials as a way to trim their incisors, which never stop growing. Unseen damage to wires and cables should be of most concern to any home or business owner.
  • Mice chewing into electrical wiring can result in short circuits while also creating a fire hazard.
  • Mice will chew away at almost any material to wear their incisors down, try to open a pathway, or gather nesting materials.
  • Your furniture, stock, and food are all at risk of not only being damaged, but also contaminated by mouse urine, and any diseases the mice might be carrying.
  • Mice are carriers of Salmonella bacteria, which is easily transferred to food and drinking water.
Adams are specialists in mice control

Adams are specialists in fast and humane mice catching and control. We understand mice and where they hide.

  • Once we’ve assessed the mice’s behaviour, we can deal with your mice infestation safely and quickly
  • Mice need to be dealt with quickly as mice carry and transmit a variety of viruses and bacteria that all can result in serious illnesses in humans
  • You don’t even need to see or have direct contact with a mouse to be exposed, with some illnesses being transmitted by breathing in dust contaminated with mice faeces or urine
  • Your building should regularly be checked for mice Adams Pest Control offers this proactive service
  • Pest control should be called immediately after seeing one mouse due to their fast breeding and property destruction
  • Adams utilise the latest innovation in rodent control, electronic monitoring. This helps our team to find mice nests faster and track their movements & entry points
How to prevent mice

Minimise the attraction of mice to your property by cleaning up rubbish and food scraps, storing all food in closed cabinets and containers and properly sealing your bins inside and outside your property.

Prevention is key but mice can come into any property through very small openings so it can be near impossible to keep your building free of mice. When you or a staff member sees a mouse, call us immediately for an assessment and quick eradication of any mice nests. Adams can provide regular mice inspections for your business and provide you with other preventative measures.

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