Bed Bugs Control

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Bed bugs can wreak havoc on your mattresses and furniture, particularly in hotel accommodation. They’re an itchy annoyance and will need multiple treatments to get rid of.

Why control bed bugs?

Bed bug bites are not normally associated with any cross infections or disease; however, the bites can cause allergic reactions. These reactions can lead to severe itchiness and leave red spots on the skin.

  • These elusive pests can be found in seams, creases and folds of mattresses. They are also found in bed frames, inside and under drawers, in storage units, boxes and around doors and windows.
  • As they are parasitic, bed bugs feed on blood and will often travel with their host for a long time. They are also very good at adapting to new environments, which can make very hard for bed bugs to detect and remove.
  • Bed bugs are most commonly found in places where many different people frequently come and go. This includes commercial businesses like hotels, hostels, cinemas, doctor’s premises, hospitals, buses, trams, trains and airports
Adams are specialists in bed bugs

As bed bugs multiply quickly, it’s important to get a bed bug problem under control quickly. We have all the equipment and knowledge to help resolve your bed bug problem; so call us now!

  • Bed bugs can spread from one mattress to the whole house in just one day
  • It is impossible to remove all traces of bed bugs by yourself as they are very tiny and have almost invisible eggs that hide in small crevices
  • Before/during your pest control visit strip your beds of all linen and any washable rugs, blankets or couch/cushion covers in your home. You will also need to get any clothes that may have touched bed bugs. All of this will need to be washed in boiling water and if possible on high heat in the dryer too to remove all traces of bugs.
  • If it has been left for too long, you may have to throw away and destroy any infested mattresses, bed frames and furniture.
  • Our team will most likely have to visit multiple times to stop the cycle of newly hatching bed bugs
How to prevent bed bugs

If you’ve just come back from a holiday, it is best practice to wash everything in your suitcase in hot water and put them in the dryer to kill any bed bugs. If you buy second hand furniture make sure to check it in detail for any signs of bed bugs before taking it home. You should also vacuum frequently and use a protective cover for your mattresses.


Prevention is key as once someone brings home bed bugs, they can spread rapidly and be difficult to get rid of completely. As soon as you feel itchy while you sleep or after waking up, check your bed for bed bugs and call the professionals immediately.

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