Adams Pest Control and the Coronavirus COVID – 19

Adams Pest Control has the resources and technology to continue protecting your site.

Adams Pest Control and the Coronavirus update # 3

First, on behalf of the owner John Adams and I we would like to thank all our loyal customers who have found it necessary to suspend services during this period. Adams Pest Control will be here to assist with your pest control protection on the other side of this emergency.

John and I would also like to thank all our staff (100) for their dedication and respect towards our customers in these trying times. Although there is a significant impact on the business Adams Pest Control has the resources to survive.

Adams Pest Control is an essential service supporting other essential services and will operate during the entire Coronavirus period.

We have previously advised of our remote Electronic Monitoring Service (EMS) for rodent control and the new uptake has been solid.

Regarding last week’s client update I am pleased to advise the hospital grade Coronavirus disinfectant we air freighted from Singapore landed on Friday, passed all regulatory requirements over the weekend and is now onsite.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated technicians ready. If you require any assistance in this regard, please access our web site (adamspestcontrol.com.au) and click on the Coronavirus link for a quote.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us on:

Melbourne 9645 2388
Adelaide 8297 8000
Email: info@adamspestcontrol.com.au

Peter Taylor
Director/General Manager,
Adams Pest Control Pty Ltd
31st March 2020

Adams Pest Control and the Coronavirus update # 2

Adams has been reviewing the continual changes since our 16th March client update and adapting along the way to the tighter restrictions. As a service provider to essential industries like hospitals, research establishments schools, food manufacturing, food distribution, etc we already have highly sensitive protocols in place for protecting sites from pests.

Adams Pest Control will continue to service all sites (as allowed) plus service essential services during the entire Coronavirus period.

All field staff have the latest protective equipment to ensure your staff are safe whilst they are on site. Technicians also fully aware of the Federal Government’s guidelines for Social Distancing in the Workplace.

As previously mentioned, we can also offer our Electronic Monitoring Service (EMS) solution where our technician will only be on site when rodent activity is detected targeting specific (active) devices. Sensors deployed in the field are silently and continuously 24/7 collecting data maintaining integrity of the pest control program.

I am now pleased to advise that Adams has sourced a product from Singapore for sanitising surfaces using Ultra Low Volume (ULV) sprayers. We have a dedicated team of fully trained technicians with considerable years of experience in this area.

We will be offering three types of services to proactively treat non-live sites:

  • Regular treatment (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Priority at call treatment
  • At call treatment

We can also provide a full treatment for a live COVID-19 site.

For further information please call our offices at:

Melbourne 9645 2388
Adelaide 8297 8000
Email: info@adamspestcontrol.com.au

Peter Taylor
Director/General Manager,
Adams Pest Control Pty Ltd
24th March 2020

Adams Pest Control and the Coronavirus update # 1

Adams Pest Control has specialised in commercial pest control for over 75 years striving to be innovative and responsive to customer ever-changing needs which is even more important with the impact of the Coronavirus.

We are aware of current concerns with external service providers on-site and we have a solution to mitigate this risk using smart sensors that track rodent activity 24/7 365. This service is known as Adams Pest Control Electronic Monitoring Service (EMS).

Over the past nine years, Adams has worked with local and overseas providers to perfect our EMS which was released in March 2018 with the success exceeding expectations of both Adams and our clients. This is a new way to approach rodent control through data collection, data analysis then implementation of a targeted approach.

Our technician will only be on your site when rodent activity is detected and will only target specific devices as opposed to the current method of checking all devices/areas. This reduces the risk of contact on your site whilst still maintaining the integrity of the pest control program.

There are 000’s of sensors deployed in the field silently and continuously collecting data. Adams contacted our sensor supplier last Friday (13/3/20) and has reserved 10,000 sensors for the use of our 4,000 customers.

If you wish to discuss or seek further information on the Adams EMS service, you can: Call our offices at:

Melbourne 9645 2388
Adelaide 8297 8000
Email: adamspestcontrol.ems@outlook.com

In addition, Adams has over the past 3 weeks initiated a number of internal measures to minimise the risk of infection to our customers and staff:

  • Appointed a senior staff member responsible for coordinating and communicating actions taken by the business.
  • All new procedures stored electronically allowing staff using their computer, iPad or Smart phone access to latest company procedures and risk mitigation measures.
  • Limited field training to no more than 5 participants at any one time.
  • Additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Additional hygiene training on washing hands and use of hand sanitizers.
  • Worked with suppliers to secure pesticide and hardware requirements as well as increase inventory

Finally, Adams Pest Control will issue further updates on progress in mitigating the risk of contamination between our staff and yours.

Peter Taylor
Director/General Manager,
Adams Pest Control Pty Ltd
19th March 2020

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