Remote Monitoring

We have the leading system for remote monitoring tailored for you. Protecting your business remotely and acting fast to mitigate the risk of pest infestations. Our system is tailored to your needs and business, maximizing the effectiveness of your pest control program and supporting your product or service against negative media risk. Real-time data and action 24/7.365.


Ahead of the Rest

We understand that the traditional methods of pest control may not always be effective, and that's why we are always looking for new and innovative solutions to help our clients. From using environmentally friendly products to utilizting cutting-edge technology, we strive to provide the best possible pest control service to our clients.

Cutting-edge Technology

RatSense is a cutting-edge pest control service that leverages IoT technology to automatically detect and report any pest activity within a station. With this innovative system in place, Adam Pest Control no longer has to manually check all pest stations, saving both time and money. Instead of manually checking all 50 rodent boxes, for example, RatSense enables them to only check the boxes where pest activity has been detected. This results in a more efficient and targeted pest control approach.

One of the key benefits of RatSense is its proactive pest control service. By automatically detecting and reporting any pest activity, Adam Pest Control can take immediate action to prevent the issue from escalating. The system sends real-time data to the pest control team, alerting them to any problems as soon as they occur. This means that the client is notified of the issue before it becomes a serious problem, allowing them to take swift action to address it.


Electronic Monitoring Service

Our electronic monitoring service is a cutting-edge pest control solution that utilizes advanced technology to accurately and efficiently monitor and manage pest infestations. It is proactive method that allows for early detection and targeted pest management.


We understand the important of preparatory observation and assessment. Before we install your ems we will complete an on-site consultation with relevant personnel giving us the best opportunity to listen and learn about your pest problems and requirements.


From the information gained at our initial consultation we review the most advantageous layout for your pest control needs and prepare a plan for effective results. On approval we will strategically position the system in place at your premises.


Unlike conventional trap and poison based pest control, which require ongoing checking, sensors continuously send data enabling us to monitor activity of pest on your site 24/7/365.


We are the first pest control company to employ a full time data analyst to monitor activity and identify 'hot spots'. This enables effective action to be completed by our field technicians who investigate possible entry points and nesting locations.


The data gathered from the ems enables fast response from our Adams team. Accurate targeting of on-site pest control and implementation of effective treatments mitigates the risk of pest infestations.


We collect and collate data constantly which allows us to observe patterns of pest activity and to discern and analyze mid to longer term trends. These can be dealt with at source using a tailored program for long term effectiveness and prevention. A databased approach to pest control has proven efficacy in reducing rodents onsite.

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