Possum Removal

Our specialists are here to help!

Possums often cause massive amounts of property damage and leave unhygienic waste but being a protected animal means possum removals have to be carefully managed.

Why control possums?

Possums may look cute and cuddly but they often cause massive amounts of property damage and leave unhygienic waste.

  • Possums like to get into unsecured garbage, looking for food and other scraps
  • Possums naturally live in hollow trees, but without this in busy suburbs, they often nest in roof spaces leaving droppings, damaged surrounds and urine stains
  • Once a possum has found a good spot that can provide food and shelter, like mosts pests, they invite all their family and friends and soon you have a bigger problem on your hands
  • If a possum has died in your property, the first thing you’ll notice is the smell. Left where it is the rotting carcass will likely attract other pests which will spread disease
Adams are specialists in possum control

We have over 75 years of commercial possum removal experience and we’re confident that we can keep your organisation pest free for many years to come.


  • Our team are fully trained and equipped with all the protective gear, animal knowledge and tools necessary to remove possums safely and quickly with minimal disruption to the animal.
  • Please note that possums are protected by the Victorian and South Australian Governments. Therefore they cannot be relocated. We can remove them from their nests, which may be in your roof, but we are required to release them 50 metres maximum from where they were trapped
  • We can remove dead or live possums from your property. Our team uses environmentally friendly, industrial strength deodorizers to remove the smell from your property and kill any bugs feeding on the carcass
  • Our all inclusive service included investigating entry holes, sealing up holes, checking roof tiles and baiting for rats as a precaution as they can often follow possum infestation
  • Our team can also apply possum deterrents and possum boxes to your property
How to prevent possums

Help prevent possums from nesting in roof spaces and in other cavities by ensuring that any external bins are secure. They will try to gain access to them to forage for any food scraps. Make sure to trim any overhanging branches and trees to prevent access to your roof. Finally, always ensure that your doors and windows are securely closed at night.


For possums to stay permanently away from your property they need to leave the roof on their own accord. Part of our professional treatment requires a specialist to come back every three to four days to check where the possums are. They may leave for a couple of nights and then return if not continually deterred.

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