Silverfish Control

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Silverfish can be a real problem for commercial businesses, and prevention is the best approach since they can be difficult to remove once a colony is established.

Why control silverfish?

Like cockroaches, silverfish can last a long time without food and can be hard to be removed once their colony is established. Prevention is the best option.

  • Silverfish seek shelter in dark, out of the way places like clothing warehouses and food and document storage areas. They are drawn indoors by warmth and shelter.
  • Like many other insects, silverfish are rapid breeders. If left unattended, they can do considerable damage.
  • Silverfish like to eat carbohydrates and sugars, destroying anything from books and wallpaper to cereal, cardboard and tissues
  • Not only will silverfish cause damage to many of your goods, they will also spread contamination in foods.
Adams are specialists in silverifish control

Silverfish can be a real problem for commercial businesses, creating some uncomfortable situations for customers and employees. It’s a problem that needs immediate attention from professionals.

  • Many products on the market may not be suitable for contact with your staff or customers. Our professionals are trained in comprehensive silverfish solutions
  • Like many pests, silverfish love humidity. Invest in ventilation for your storage spaces. Any leaky pipes or taps should be fixed and if possible, all water sources should be kept away from storage.
  • Our team can help seal the gaps in walls and floors that can be homes and breeding grounds for silverfish. Cracks between the floors and walls can house eggs that will turn your minor silverfish problem into a silverfish infestation.
How to prevent silverfish

Ensure your office or factory is cleaned regularly and thoroughly to eliminate food crumbs and other sources of food. Fix leaking taps to eliminate their water source as silverfish love moisture. Keep starchy foods in air-tight containers, as these usually attract silverfish. Shred out of date documents and dispose of them immediately. The more dusty piles of papers and magazines you leave lying around, the more chances you’ll end up with these unwanted pests. Silverfish control is harder if you have wallpaper as silverfish love to eat wallpaper glue. If you notice any peeling, a silverfish infestation may be the cause. Any damaged wallpaper needs to be re-attached or removed.


You can get a free, no obligation quote from Adams Pest Control today to assess your silverfish infestation and get them exterminated.

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