Home owners have it a little easier than commercial property owners when it comes to controlling pests. For minor pest problems, detected early enough, a quick visit to the local hardware store or garden centre presents them with an array of pest control solutions they can implement themselves. And depending on the pest and the

Five Ways to Get Rid of Ants Having ants – other than carpenter ants – active in your garden can be quite beneficial; they aerate the soil, can help reduce bugs that feed on your plants, help break down organic matter, and are important pollinators too. But ants become a problem when they migrate into

7 Ways to Get Rid of Mice It is quite common for home owners to notice rodent activity in winter, since lower temperatures and a scarcity of food encourage mice and other rodents to seek out shelter and more dependable sources of food. Our homes are designed to keep us comfortable and shielded from the

Adams Pest control has technology that allows rapid response to pests – just download this free app to your mobile device. Below are some of the apps vast capabilities Hot Spot Monitoring – This system works by mitigating the risk through data collection via 24/7 monitoring sensors. This gives you peace of mind with protection

Adams Pest Control has developed a new electronic monitoring service that can map pest hotspots and then measure the success of pest management strategies. The first part of the new offering is called Data Collect, and this sees sensors placed to collect data that reveals where the most pest activity is located, and the frequency

Rat Control

Adams Pest Control Field Biologist Tim Gillon discusses the challenges faced in protecting our food production in Melbourne from rodents. One thing that we all take for granted is the food we cook and eat in our homes. However we should understand is where it comes from and the danger to our health that Rodents

rodent pest control

Rats & Mice love living in our buildings as they provide shelter, warmth, food and water. These creatures cause massive damage to buildings, furniture, wiring and goods as well as spreading disease via their droppings and urine and they can spread parasites and intestinal worms. Both are prolific breeders, so left unchecked they can become