Adams Pest control has technology that allows rapid response to pests – just download this free app to your mobile device. Below are some of the apps vast capabilities Hot Spot Monitoring – This system works by mitigating the risk through data collection via 24/7 monitoring sensors. This gives you peace of mind with protection

Adams Pest Control has developed a new electronic monitoring service that can map pest hotspots and then measure the success of pest management strategies. The first part of the new offering is called Data Collect, and this sees sensors placed to collect data that reveals where the most pest activity is located, and the frequency

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Adams Pest Control Field Biologist Tim Gillon discusses the challenges faced in protecting our food production in Melbourne from rodents. One thing that we all take for granted is the food we cook and eat in our homes. However we should understand is where it comes from and the danger to our health that Rodents

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Rats & Mice love living in our buildings as they provide shelter, warmth, food and water. These creatures cause massive damage to buildings, furniture, wiring and goods as well as spreading disease via their droppings and urine and they can spread parasites and intestinal worms. Both are prolific breeders, so left unchecked they can become

Adams Pest Control has introduced a number of new services aimed at helping food and beverage manufacturers become more proactive about pest control. Among these new maintenance and control services is a fortnightly service call in which the company’s senior management discusses the emergency call-outs for your sites. “This documented information allows for a more

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Adams Pest Control has been in the pest control business for over 70 years, and during the last 10 years the company has collected valuable service data from the field. Adams Pest Control was the first pest control company to use scanning and barcode technology, and today the company continues to innovate by ensuring that

Protecting your assets by having regular pest inspections can save you thousands of dollars. Whether your properties are for commercial use or it’s your own home, a regular pest inspection acts as insurance against serious potential damage as well as protecting the properties value as potential property buyers would not consider purchasing a property if