Stored Product Pest Control

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Stored product pests are insects like pantry moths, weevils, and some types of beetles that contaminate stored food products and can go undetected for some time without regular pest inspections.

Why control stored product pests?

Stored product pests are insects like pantry moths, weevils and some types of beetles that invade and then stay hidden in products like food and other kitchen items that are not stored properly.

  • Any infestation of these pests will make that food unsafe for human consumption. This can lead to huge losses for businesses in the food industry
  • Stored product pests infest a variety of pantry items including grains, nuts, cereals, and dried fruit.
  • Commercial kitchens see a lot of these pests because they often come as unwanted ‘imports’ in foods that have been purchased from a range of suppliers.
Adams are specialists in stored product pest control

The first thing to do when you find stored product pests is going through and identify which foods are contaminated, as these will no longer be safe for use. Then contact a professional pest control service to establish whether you have an infestation on your hands.


  • Many people throw out infested products to solve their pest problems. However, if there is an infestation somewhere around your business, then the bugs will soon return
  • As professionals, we can identify the kind of pest and based on this find them and their hiding places
  • Infestations can spread quickly and need to be taken care of by professionals as soon as you see one stored product pest to get control of the issue
  • Our team uses the latest technologies including pheromone traps for some kinds of stored product pests
How to prevent stored product pests

If you own a business in the food industry you will need to have strict hygiene and food storage levels in place that your whole team adheres to. Use a managed store rotation system to minimise old food being pushed to the back of the pantry. If you have pests occurring at home, make sure you store everything in sealed containers, no more half empty packets of cereal stored on a high shelf. Clean out your pantry regularly and check for any signs of pests.


Any business that has food on their property can benefit from regular inspections and observing platforms from Adams Pest Control to discover infestations before they get out of hand.

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