Termite Control

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No pest equals the common termite for its ability to inflict costly damage to buildings and other structures, with early detection and treatment from yearly inspections offering the best control.

Why control termites?

No pest equals the common termite for its ability to inflict costly damage to buildings and other structures.

  • Termites have existed for more than 250-million years, and share a common ancestor with mantises and cockroaches. Like ants, termites also live in colonies organised according to a complex social structure
  • In the wild termites are not a pest, as they assist with the decomposition of dead trees. But human development has limited termites access to dead trees, while supplying them with a new source of food: the wood used in and around countless buildings.
  • Termite activity can be spotted by hollow sounding wood, crumbling wood and aboveground mud tubes that termites use to avoid detection and exposure
Adams are specialists in termite control

Due to their ability to damage whole buildings, we strongly recommend our business customers schedule professional termite inspections on a yearly basis.

  • Our trained staff will carry out a thorough inspection of your property, looking for evidence of termites, and damage caused by termite activity
  • Business are forced to spend millions of dollars each year to prevent and manage termite infestations, but early detection and treatment remains your best approach to avoiding any significant financial impact on your business
  • Some properties are more appealing to termites than others, but there’s no way to guarantee your home or business won’t be affected by termites. Call us as soon as you see any evidence of termites and they can spread fast
How to prevent termites

The most important thing you can do to your property is to reduce soil-to-wood contact, including removing scraps of paper, mulch or wood near the base of your home, trim plants to keep them a few feet away from your home, fix leaky faucets and ensure you have proper soil drainage as termites like moisture.

Our pest control solutions for termites include annual termite inspections, treatments to eliminate current infestations, along with advice on what measures you can take to prevent future termite problems.

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