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Ants in your home, business or yard can be a cycle of never-ending DIY ‘fixes’, unless you get the professionals to find & eliminate the nest at the source.

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Why control ants?

Ants typically live in large, highly organised colonies. Individual ants are usually very small in size. Although, they can mobilise in large swarms when they are attracted to a source of food, which are then very difficult to get rid of.

  • Ants colonies centre around a nest containing at least one ‘queen’ and as many as several thousand ‘worker’ ants.
  • Nests are typically located underground, but they may also be built inside tree hollows, plant pots or – rarely – inside houses and buildings
  • Ants are omnivorous and are attracted to a variety of edible materials. They will also seek out access to sources of water, especially in dry climates
  • Tiny crumbs and other traces of food in kitchens, food preparation, and dining areas, as well as pet food and water, can attract the attention of ants
  • One of the main threats from ants to humans is to the reputation of businesses – especially those dealing with food – which require high standards of cleanliness.
  • Swarms of ants don’t simply look unsanitary. They can spread disease, and contaminate food and clean surfaces.
Adams are specialists in ant control

Killing ants that come inside is usually futile, as hundreds or thousands more may continue coming to replace them and keep carrying food to their nest.

  • Adams can assess your property for why ants are coming into your property and where their nest is located
  • The best method for responding to ant problems is to bait the nest. This means that ants will carry poison back to their nest and contaminate the colony.
  • Our professional pest controllers can do this in an efficient manner, and with more effective and powerful pesticides than DIY ant baits. Solving the problem quicker and easier
  • Structural damage to houses is more associated with termites, while ants are more likely to nest in soil. Underground ant nests can cause problems with brick paving by hollowing out the space underneath
  • If a nest is found on your property, Adams can exterminate this as well to prevent their return
How to prevent ants

Ants can be controlled by cleaning up food scraps and keeping bins and food in sealed containers. Ants especially love sticky, sweet things so make sure to clean up any spills like sugar, soda, etc. Make sure to turn off leaky taps and wipe down sinks so that water sources do not attract ants in summer.

Prevention is key but if you find yourself with a swarm of ants, call Adams immediately to control the issue. We’ll eliminate the nest from the source, rather than combatting each small cluster constantly.

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