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Adams Pest Control has been the regions leading pest control service provider since 1944. A family-owned business, we are experts in commercial pest control in and around Adelaide. Our professional pest controllers are all trained to inspect, locate, correct, and monitor all manner of pest problems. In doing this, they will also assess how vulnerable your business is to any recurring pest problems, and suggest measures to reduce this. Pest control is not only about eliminating pests, but also about preventing pests.

We service all suburbs and remove all pests.

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Our Approach to Pest Control

Our solutions range from methods to prevent birds from nesting in or around your business, safely removing bee colonies and possums, through to treating the premises and grounds to keep other pests away. All our treatments are eco-friendly, and adhere to industry regulated standards, so they don’t present any risk to humans and animals.

PESTWEB, our proprietary pest control reporting program, makes it easy for you to maintain all your pest control records, track pest problems, and conveniently report any new pest problems. It includes a trends analysis function, making it possible to identify trends, and leading to a more proactive approach to your pest control management.

Our Adelaide offices are based in Allenby Gardens, but our pest control services are available to all suburbs, and neighbouring towns such as:

• The Barossa Valley
• Gawler
• McLaren Vale
• Mount Barker and the Adelaide Hills

Our price for pest control in Melbourne varies according to several factors, but you can follow our stepped pest control quote request process, and receive a personalised quote in under 24-hours.

Rodent Control

During Melbourne’s cooler months – March through to September – businesses throughout the area suffer from an influx of rats and mice. This is when rodents tend to move indoors looking for warm and dry places to shelter. While frequently found in industrial and built-up areas, rats and mice will thrive wherever they feel safe, and have a steady source of food. Rats and mice are the bane of all businesses in the food industry, since they spread disease, contaminate food, and any sign of an infestation can ruin a business’s reputation.

Termite Control

The problems and damage caused by termites are well-known in and around Adelaide. And while some properties are more appealing to termites than others, there’s no way to guarantee your home or business won’t be affected by termites.

Our pest control solutions for termites include annual termite inspections, treatments to eliminate current infestations, along with advice on what measures you can take to prevent future termite problems. Termite control in Adelaide requires a different approach to standard pest control. But at the same time, repairing termite damage can be costly, so we will work with you and your business to reduce any perceived burden of termite control.

Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are resilient creatures and an almost universally loathed pest. You can definitely expect to find cockroaches in dirty, unsanitary spaces, but they will breed and spread in any environment, as long as they have access to food. No business will accept any sign of cockroach activity, but a cockroach infestation presents a very high risk to businesses in the food and hospitality industry. The health risk to customers and employees is enough to cripple any business, but so too can any reputational damage.

A rigorous, proactive approach to cockroach control is essential, and you can expect our pest controllers to not only help implement a long-term cockroach control solution, but to also recommend specific steps you can take to help manage it. This includes preventing cockroach infestations around any stored products on your premises.

Spider Control

A single spider in the workplace or home is no cause for alarm. Even if it is deadly venomous, a single spider is easy to manage in any environment. But a single spider – if female – can also produce hundreds of offspring, and if they find your business provides all that they need, you could soon have a serious spider problem.

Our expert pest controllers shine at being able to establish the source and scale of your pest problem, before using eco-friendly solutions to control it, and prevent it from recurring. And they’ll be able to do it regardless of whether you’re based in Regency Park, or over in Adelaide Hills.

We’re also specialists in providing effective pest control solutions for rats, mice, ants, fleas, silverfish, stored products, wasps, possums, and bed bugs. The prices for our pest control services depend on the nature of your problem, and a few other factors, but you can always request a free, zero obligation quote.

The price of pest control in Adelaide is determined by the size of your pest problem, and the type of pest, among other factors.

The easiest way to find out what our pest control services might cost you, is for a qualified technician to visit your premises, and to do a full inspection to determine your needs. Please contact our Adelaide office to schedule a visit from one of our trained technicians.

We also accept online quote requests. Answer a few questions on our quote form, and we will send you a personalised quote in under 24-hours.

Our pest control services are available throughout the Adelaide region, extending to smaller areas outside of Adelaide, such as the Barossa Valley, through to Gawler, McLaren Vale, Mount Barker, and the Adelaide Hills. Contact us to find out if our pest control services are available in your area.

Bed bugs can easily enter your establishment in the clothes of your staff or customers, or through their luggage. Once in your business, they will spread rapidly, especially since they are quite difficult to detect. We can assist by not only eliminating any bed bugs you might have, but also providing essential training on detecting and preventing bed bugs, and performing regular inspections.

We advise against using DIY pest control solutions for termites. There are approximately 300 different termite species in Australia, and if you don’t use the correct solution, you risk making the problem worse. It may look like you eliminated the termites, but they may have just moved to another location in your building, spreading damage even further. Our technicians aren’t only trained to properly identify termites, but also in the correct approach to use for different termite species.

Sometimes the size and extent of a termite problem makes it easy to spot. You may find mud tunnels, which the termites use to move about more freely, and you may have wood that sounds hollow when tapped. However, it is quite possible to have a serious termite infestation, and to see no visible signs of it. An annual termite inspection is the most reliable way to identify and treat termite problems before significant damage is caused.

Yes. You can reduce the risk of many pest problems by eliminating food sources, and making the environment less pleasant. For termites, this includes:

Using properly treated timber wherever possible, including in retaining walls, fence posts, and garden beds. Failing to do could attract termites that will eventually spread much further.

Avoid storing cellulose materials – such as paper, card, and cellophane – timber, dead leaves, and plant clippings in or around your property. Some of these are excellent sources of food for termites, but can also conceal termite activity.

Ensuring that there are no water leaks in or around your building, and that the property is well ventilated at all times. Termites love moist and humid environments.

Paying closer attention to the types of trees and plants you have close to your building or home. Large plants close to external walls, as well as climbing plants, will again conceal termite activity, while the roots of these and some trees could even breach the foundation, providing an entry point for termites.

Getting rid of old tree stumps and dead trees, since both again are great sources of food for termites, drawing them closer to your building.

Checking that any new construction or alterations done to the property don’t affect any termite prevention controls you have implemented, or provide new access points for termites and other pests.

Annual termite inspections will not only uncover termite problems, but also identify new risks in and around your business that could expose you to future problems with termites.

Reducing ant activity in your business requires the same approach as with other pests. Keep workspaces clean and free of food scraps and spilled liquids, particularly anything sweet. Store food in sealed containers, and try to seal off potential access points such as cracks and holes. Regular pest control will also help to reduce ant activity in and around your business.

Aside from seeing cockroaches around your business, other signs of a cockroach problem would be shed skin, dead cockroaches, droppings and eggs, and sometimes an unusual odour that cannot be placed. If you suspect you may have a cockroach infestation, our trained technicians will be able to do a thorough inspection, and even determine the source of your problem.

Off-the-shelf solutions will work sometimes for small, domestic cockroach problems. But in a commercial setting, professional pest control is also recommended for an effective, long-term solution.

As omnivores, cockroaches will eat whatever they can, which also means that they are able to bite. However, they are not a naturally aggressive insect, so they are unlikely to attack, or inflict a painful bite. Cockroaches will contaminate food and surfaces, so need to be controlled because of the overall health risk.

A single spider is not a sign of an infestation, but a single female spider – with egg sac – can easily lead to an infestation. Although spiders prefer secluded spaces, you can still see signs of spider activity in the form of spider webs, or even egg sacs fixed in crevices and corners. If you have previously had problems with spiders, or suspect you may have a spider infestation, regular inspections by pest control specialists are recommended.

Rats, like mice, are mostly nocturnal, so you won’t always see them. However, there are other signs you can look for like rat droppings, damage to cables, furniture, and stored food, and noises coming from the ceiling and other concealed spaces.

Rats are drawn to environments that offer them shelter, food, and water. They aren’t necessarily drawn to filth, but the presence of rats does expose you, your staff, and your customers, to a variety of contaminants and diseases. People associate rats with dirt, so it is always better to ensure your business is kept clear of rats, and any evidence of rats.

Our technical experience means that we are well aware of our contractual responsibilities. We have an integrated management system manual that incorporates all relevant government, business and company requirements and specifications. We are proud to hold the following accreditations:

  • Quality – ISO 9001-2008
  • Environment – ISO 14001-2004
  • Employee Safety – OH&S 18001-2007
  • Employee Safety – OH&S AS/NZS 4801-2001
  • Food Safety- HACCP based Food Safety ProgramWe service more than 4000 clients per month on a national basis, which is unique in the pest control industry. Our clients rely on our experience to maintain and control their pest issues. And you can too.

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