Adams Pest Control has been the regions leading pest control service provider since 1944. A family-owned business, we are experts in commercial pest control in and around Adelaide. Our professional pest controllers are all trained to inspect, locate, correct, and monitor all manner of pest problems. In doing this, they will also assess how vulnerable your business is to any recurring pest problems, and suggest measures to reduce this. Pest control is not only about eliminating pests, but also about preventing pests.

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Bee Removal

Bees can pose a considerable risk to your business during the spring and summer months. Flowering plants used to prettify car parks, and the entrances to commercial buildings naturally attract bees that may at times swarm, or establish a hive on the property. Beehives can accommodate up to 20,000 bees, making them quite problematic to deal with safely.

We always suggest that any issues with bees be dealt with by professionals. Our skilled staff are experts at locating, and safely removing beehives of any size. And they are trained to do this  without harming any bees in the colony. Bees play a vital role in nature, so our solution is always relocation of the bee colony, never eradication.


Termite Control

The problems and damage caused by termites are well-known in and around Adelaide. And while some properties are more appealing to termites than others, there’s no way to guarantee your home or business won’t be affected by termites.

Our pest control solutions for termites include annual termite inspections, treatments to eliminate current infestations, along with advice on what measures you can take to prevent future termite problems. Termite control in Adelaide requires a different approach to standard pest control. But at the same time, repairing termite damage can be costly, so we will work with you and your business to reduce any perceived burden of termite control.


Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are resilient creatures and an almost universally loathed pest. You can definitely expect to find cockroaches in dirty, unsanitary spaces, but they will breed and spread in any environment, as long as they have access to food. No business will accept any sign of cockroach activity, but a cockroach infestation presents a very high risk to businesses in the food and hospitality industry. The health risk to customers and employees is enough to cripple any business, but so too can any reputational damage.

A rigorous, proactive approach to cockroach control is essential, and you can expect our pest controllers to not only help implement a long-term cockroach control solution, but to also recommend specific steps you can take to help manage it. This includes preventing cockroach infestations around any stored products on your premises.


Spider Control

A single spider in the workplace or home is no cause for alarm. Even if it is deadly venomous, a single spider is easy to manage in any environment. But a single spider – if female – can also produce hundreds of offspring, and if they find your business provides all that they need, you could soon have a serious spider problem.

Our expert pest controllers shine at being able to establish the source and scale of your pest problem, before using eco-friendly solutions to control it, and prevent it from recurring. And they’ll be able to do it regardless of whether you’re based in Regency Park, or over in Adelaide Hills.

We’re also specialists in providing effective pest control solutions for rats, mice, ants, fleas, silverfish, stored products, wasps, possums, and bed bugs. The prices for our pest control services depend on the nature of your problem, and a few other factors, but you can always request a free, zero obligation quote.



Our Approach to Pest Control


Our solutions range from methods to prevent birds from nesting in or around your business, safely removing bee colonies and possums, through to treating the premises and grounds to keep other pests away. All our treatments are eco-friendly, and adhere to industry regulated standards, so they don’t present any risk to humans and animals.

PESTWEB, our proprietary pest control reporting program, makes it easy for you to maintain all your pest control records, track pest problems, and conveniently report any new pest problems. It includes a trends analysis function, making it possible to identify trends, and leading to a more proactive approach to your pest control management.

Call us on 1300 933 789 to find out how we can help protect your business from pests.

Our Adelaide offices are based in Allenby Gardens, but our pest control services are available to all suburbs, and neighbouring towns such as:

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Mount Barker and the Adelaide Hills

Address: 6 Leane Avenue, Allenby Gardens, SA 5009, Australia

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Our technical experience means that we are well aware of our contractual responsibilities. We have an integrated management system manual that incorporates all relevant government, business and company requirements and specifications. We hold the following industry accreditations:

We are unique in the pest control industry in that we currently service more than 4000 nationally, on a monthly basis. Like them, you too can trust us when it comes to managing your pest control requirements.