Pre Purchase Pest Inspections in Melbourne and Adelaide

Buying a new property, be it a house or building for your business or property portfolio, is a big investment that isn’t without risk. Arranging to have a pre purchase pest inspection carried out is one way to ensure one of the risks you are exposed to doesn’t involve a serious pest problem, or structural damage caused by a past pest problem.

What Does a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection Involve?

A pre purchase pest inspection in Melbourne and Adelaide is not very different to a regular pest inspection aside from, as the name implies, it happening before any property sale is concluded. It is recommended for sales of newly built properties, and established properties, allowing potential buyers to discover any risk of the property developing a pest problem in future, along with evidence of current or past pest problems. A qualified pest control technician will perform a detailed visual examination of all physical structures on the property, from spaces or voids below floors, through all spaces in the structure, up into any roof voids. The inspection will further include examination of the outside of all physical structures, and the property as a whole up to 50 metres from the boundary of any physical structures.

Although there is an emphasis on any timber, along with evidence of termite activity, the inspection isn’t limited only to discovering termites. The property is assessed for what risk there is for future pest problems, along with signs of current pest activity, and for established properties, signs of past pest problems, and any indication of pest control measures taken to limit or eradicate past problems. This is particularly important for identifying structural damage caused by pests. The entire inspection is carried out in a non-invasive manner, so could involve the use of highly-specialised equipment that allows technicians to detect activity without having to make holes in walls, or lift floorboards.

What Happens After a Pre Purchase Pest Inspection?

You can be present during the inspection, which could take up to two hours or more to complete, but it isn’t necessary. The pest control technician carrying out the pre purchase inspection will compile a detailed report which will be presented to you. The report will include a summary of what the technician did during the inspection, along with a summary of the spaces and areas inspected. The report will go into more detail with listing identified problems, from the risk of future pest problems, through to current activity, and any signs found of past activity and control measures currently in place, or used previously. The report will also detail any evidence of structural damage caused by pests.

Further to this, the report will also include suggestions for pest control measures that could be implemented to either control current pest activity, or limit the impact of future pest problems. A pre purchase pest inspection in Melbourne and Adelaide does not include any actual pest control; it is up to the buyer or seller to request actual pest control. However, if your pre purchase pest inspection was carried out by an Adams Pest Control technician, you can request the same technician to carry out the pest control measures suggested in their report once the sale of the property has been concluded. The same technician can also be assigned to carry out future pest control measures, ensuring you are always working with someone with a sound understanding of the property and any pest problems it has or had.

Part of our service includes the use of state-of-the-art electronic monitoring for pests, which is particularly useful for rodent control. This service allows for 24-hour monitoring of your property, allowing us to determine where pests enter the property, where they are most active in the property, and the paths they follow, making it easier for placing traps and implementing other pest control measures to be most effective, and when it comes to rodents, also allowing us to establish where they are nesting.

Contact Adams Pest Control today to arrange for a pre purchase pest inspection, or pest control. We operate throughout the greater Melbourne and Adelaide areas, including outlying suburbs and neighbouring towns, and our technicians are fully trained to deal with all residential and business pest problems.

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