Adams Pest Control Melbourne has provided local businesses with professional pest control services for more than 70-years. Our pest controllers are all highly qualified, with extensive knowledge of pest control. They receive ongoing training to ensure they are always aware of the latest developments and regulations relating to pest control in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Pest Control Melbourne

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Rodent Control

During Melbourne’s cooler months – March through to September – businesses throughout the area suffer from an influx of rats and mice. This is when rodents tend to move indoors looking for warm and dry places to shelter. While frequently found in industrial and built-up areas, rats and mice will thrive wherever they feel safe, and have a steady source of food. Rats and mice are the bane of all businesses in the food industry, since they spread disease, contaminate food, and any sign of an infestation can ruin a business’s reputation.


Termite Control

Despite the cooler climate, homes and businesses in Melbourne are not safe from termites and the damage they cause. You can expect to find termites throughout the Melbourne area, but most prominently in the western suburbs of Melbourne, such as Altona, Hoppers Crossing, Maribyrong, Melton, Newport, Sunshine, Williamstown, and Wyndham Vale. It is mandatory for new buildings and houses to comply with termite protection regulations and requirements, but this leaves older buildings unprotected.

Protect your business and your property against termite damage with annual termite inspections by a pest control specialist, whether you’re in Melbourne’s western suburbs, eastern suburbs, or elsewhere within the greater Melbourne district.


Possum Removal

Possums love to make their homes in warm dry buildings, and are quite prolific in Melbourne. Possums are considered a pest because once they have found an environment that is dry, and offers easy access to food, they will attract other possums. Because possums are larger than rats and mice, you can expect them to leave a much bigger mess when they go scrounging for food.

Like many other pests, possums spread disease, contaminating surfaces and foods with their droppings and urine, and left unchecked, they will cause considerable structural damage. But possums are also protected wildlife, so you should never attempt to remove possums yourself. Always contact a pest control specialist to help you out with your possum problem.


Bird Control

Not all birds are considered pests, but pigeons and seagulls commonly spread bird diseases, and cause unsightly damage with their droppings and nests. Magpies and plovers pose a different risk, swooping and attacking anyone who strays too close to their nests in spring, something you wouldn’t want your staff or customers exposed to. A pest control professional will be able to advise you on solutions that aren’t harmful to any birds, but will help keep your staff and customers safe, and avoid any failed health audits.


There are many more pests that might plague your Melbourne home or business, and you can depend on us to provide you with the best pest control services in Melbourne. We have pest control solutions for cockroaches, ants, bees, fleas, silverfish, spiders, stored product pests, wasps, and bed bugs. And our pest control services are available in Melbourne’s southern suburbs, up to Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and from the eastern suburbs, across to the western suburbs.

Our Approach to Pest Control


When one of our pest controllers visits your premises, they will use their own experience and training, along with appropriate technology, to complete a detailed inspection and assessment. They will then discuss their findings with you, before suggesting an approach to combating your current pest problem, and advising on the steps you can take to avoid future problems with pests.

The solutions we use and endorse are all eco-friendly, comply with strict industry regulations, and present no risk of harm to you, your employees, customers, or pets.

Our online reporting program, PESTWEB, offers you a convenient method for all pest control record keeping, with the ability to track identified problems, report new ones, and even identify trends relating to pest control.

And our approach has helped us remain the top pest control service in Melbourne for more than 70-years.

Call us on 1300 933 789 to find out how we can help protect your business from pests.

Our head office is based in Port Melbourne, but we provide pest control services to all suburbs and neighbouring towns including:




Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula


Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula

Healesville and the Yarra Ranges


Mount Macedon



Our price for pest control in Melbourne varies according to several factors, but you can follow our stepped pest control quote request process, and receive a personalised quote in under 24-hours.

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Our technical experience means that we are well aware of our contractual responsibilities. We have an integrated management system manual that incorporates all relevant government, business and company requirements and specifications. We are proud to hold the following accreditations:

We service more than 4000 clients per month on a national basis, which is unique in the pest control industry. Our clients rely on our experience to maintain and control their pest issues. And you can too.