Take Pest Management to the Next Level with an Electronic Monitoring Service for Pests

It has been 75 years since Adams Pest Control was established in 1944, at what would prove to be a defining moment in the history of pest control. Millions of people were dying around the world, not only as a result of the Second World War, but also because of poor pest management leading to outbreaks of pest-borne diseases. This essentially led to the birth of the modern pest management industry, and the start of many new developments within this field. However, even though developments have continued ever since, they have mostly focused on creating products that more narrowly target specific pests, while also making pest control products less toxic to people and animals.

In recent decades we have seen advancements in technology leading to disruptions in many other industries, and these advancements have finally crossed over into the pest control industry with the introduction of an Electronic Monitoring Service (EMS) by Adams Pest Control in March 2018.

The EMS allows Adams Pest Control technicians to place electronic sensors throughout a building to collect data relating to the location of pest activity and the frequency thereof. These sensors can be placed at ground level, in roof voids, along eaves and pipes, and even below ground. The sensors signal is powerful enough to penetrate concrete and solid earth, allowing for the monitoring of what would normally be seen as inaccessible spaces. Using this data, technicians can then produce trend graphs, map hotspots, and address pest problems in a more targeted manner.

Rodents are one of the biggest pest problems faced by food processing plants, restaurants, supermarkets, and hospitals. While it is easy to find signs of rodent activity in any building, their nesting sites are often more difficult to track down, especially since rodents are mostly nocturnal. But with our Electronic Monitoring Service facilitating 24/7 pest activity detection, it is now possible to establish activity hotspots which can reveal where pests enter your property, and where they are most active at any time of the day. EMS sensors can even be placed inside baiting stations or devices, which allows us to see if pests are active around the baiting devices, and to then fine-tune the baiting plan for maximum effectiveness.

The pest control industry has for many years lacked industry specific hygiene standards, but it is possible that electronic monitoring, and the data it gives us access to, will change this, making world-wide ISO Certification possible for the first time ever. This is momentous because it would represent a giant leap forward for the industry, along with a leap forward for public health, something that is always a top priority for us.

Many of our commercial clients across Victoria and South Australia have already embraced the use of technology for pest management, and while the use of technology in our industry is still expected to experience some growing pains, we are committed to working with our clients to tackle any challenges head-on, and to continually work at improving the implementation and data gathering capabilities of technology.

In the words of John Adams, Managing Director at Adams Pest Control, “There is no magic wand to solve pest problems, but if we can have every commercial premises under 24/7 electronic monitoring, the potential of that would be tremendous.”

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