How Much Does it Cost to get a Pest Inspection?

Regular pest inspections are important regardless of where in Australia your home or business is location. But it is absolutely critical ahead of buying a new property, or if you live in an area that is at high-risk to termite infestations. And even if you are aware of what pests are giving you sleepless nights, it is still recommended to start off with a pest inspection rather than jumping straight to pest control services. That way our technicians are able to fully inspect your property to identify the root causes for your current pest problem, and to look for evidence of other pests that you might not be aware of. Without identifying the root cause of your current problem you run the risk of having the problem resurface weeks or months later again, and there is little sense in eliminating one pest problem, only to leave opportunities for other pests to now become a problem. But none of that addresses the issue of how much a pest inspection costs.

Commercial or Residential Pest Inspection

Although the same type of pest problems can affect both businesses and homes, the cost of a pest inspection for each can differ considerably. For both the cost is influenced by the size of the property, but it is usually easier to estimate the cost of a residential pest inspection based on the property type, with small units or apartments costing less than larger family homes, with a family home further influenced by both the size of the physical structure and the plot or stand size. Commercial properties tend to be a lot less standard in size and configuration, with even a single office varying in size from one business type to another. And commercial pest inspections don’t only happen for offices, but also for factories, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, guest houses, and even hospitals and schools. Fortunately, our online quote system makes it quite easy for you to request a quote for pest inspection or pest control services. Answer a few simple questions, and we’ll get back to you with a quote for pest inspection or pest control in under 24 hours.

What Does a Pest Inspection Involve?

A typical pest inspection will see our technicians making a visual assessment of both the inside and outside of the property, including the garden and any other structures on the property. They look for evidence of both current and past pest problems, along with identifying any damage caused, and holes or cracks in any structures that make it easier for pests to enter the property. They also have a variety of electronic equipment which can be used if necessary to make more detailed assessments of the property and any apparent pest problems. Once the inspection has been completed you will be given a breakdown of what our technicians found, along with recommendations on what steps to take next, which could include pest control services and/or a regular pest maintenance program. This is all included in the cost of the pest inspection, but the pest inspection does not include any pest control measures, though you can speak to the technician who did the pest inspection about setting up pest control services with us.

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