Wasp Removal Melbourne
Wasps pose a serious problem to a wide range of organizations like schools, hospitals, office complexes and shopping centres. If they build a nest close by, they can have a detrimental effect on your staff and customers. Wasps can be much more aggressive than bees and can sting multiple times without dying.Locating a Wasp’s Nest:If a wasp stings any of your customers or staff, it is important to locate and destroy its nest. Wasps may nest in surrounding trees, or in guttering and on the walls of a building. Wasps have flight paths to and from their nests. If staff and customers are in the path, they may be stung. Nests must be identified as soon as possible.Wasp Nest Removal:

Removing a wasp nest is not a simple task and should always be done by a professional pest control company. The nest needs to be sprayed with proper chemicals to ensure all the wasps are eliminated. Wasps don’t pollinate flowers like bees do, so extermination is a viable option as opposed to removal.

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