Wasp Removal Melbourne
Wasps are a hazard in any situation, but they present a particularly serious problem in areas with a lot of human activity. This includes schools, hospitals, office complexes, and shopping centres. Wasps are capable of inflicting multiple stings without dying, making them considerably more dangerous than bees.
Locating a Wasp’s Nest:Wasps tend to follow flight paths to and from their nests, and are more likely to attack people who interfere with their flight paths. If any of your staff or customers complains of being stung by a wasp, it is important to locate the nest as quickly as possible. Wasp nests are typically found in trees, rain gutters, on walls or in cavities in walls, and under eaves; any areas that are sheltered, but offer unrestricted access to the outside.
Wasp Nest Removal:Removing a wasp nest is not a simple task, and should always only be attempted by a professional. Unlike bees, most wasp species are not pollinators making extermination a viable option, with wasp nests being treated with specialised chemicals to eliminate all the wasps.Our expertise in this area makes us a reliable choice when it comes to ensuring your staff and customers are safe from wasps. Call now.To find out more about our local services please see our dedicated Pest Control Melbourne and Pest Control Adelaide pages.

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