Stored product pests are insects like pantry moths that invade and then stay hidden in products like food and other kitchen items that are not stored properly. Many people throw out the product to solve this problem. However if there is an infestation somewhere around your business, then the moths will soon return.

Commercial kitchens see a lot of these pests because they often come as unwanted ‘imports’ in foods that have been purchased from a range of suppliers.

What should we do if we come across pantry moths or stored product pests?

The first thing to do is go through and identify which foods are contaminated, as these will no longer be safe for use. Then contact a professional pest control service to establish whether you have an infestation on your hands. Have them deal with the problem using the correct techniques and equipment.

Stored pest product control methods:

  • Stopping of pest harborage spaces
  • Mass cleaning of raw materials. Refining maintenance and hygiene levels within the place
  • The use of pheromone
  • Managed store rotation
  • The start of inspection and observing platforms through the place to offer initial discovery of infestations.

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