Spiders are usually not aggressive towards humans and generally only bite or cause problems when their space is invaded and they feel threatened. However, the sight of spiders, especially in large groups, can evoke uneasiness and fear.

How do you tell when you have a serious spider problem?

The first sign (other than seeing large groups of spiders) is when you start seeing baby spiders. This is generally a good indication that they have just begun breeding and it is the time to call an experienced pest control operator. If you have a spider infestation, it is important to arrange for a professional to visit and remove them safely and effectively; so you aren’t dealing with cycle after cycle of spiders. It isn’t safe, and is rarely effective, for an untrained individual to attempt to tackle a spider infestation.

Preventing Spiders:

There are ways to keep spiders away from your business. Spiders often venture inside in search of food, but will move on quickly if nothing is available. Ensure all food is in sealed containers and always ensure you have clean working environments. Eliminate spider webs you see around the corners of offices, storage areas or behind furniture.

If you do find your business has a severe spider problem, leave it to the professionals. Our staff will ensure that spiders are not only professionally controlled, but will also show you how to prevent them from coming back in the future.

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