Rat Control

Rats regularly create big problems for Government and Commercial organizations. They are the biggest disease carriers and are rapid breeders. Rats are able to breed between 2–4 months after being born. Two rats living under ideal conditions can produce an astonishing 350 million rats in three years. Rats are nocturnal, which can make them more difficult to detect and catch. However, they rarely stray far from their nest and often stick to well-known paths.

By knowing their instinctual patterns, our team can work towards locating the nests and controlling them.

Rats in Buildings:

Unlike mice, rats have a fondness for rubber and plastic, leading them to chew on electrical wires and telephone cables which can often cause system failures. This can create serious problems for all types of organizations.Like mice, rats are notorious carriers of diseases and bacteria; diseases like murine typhus, rat-bite fever, salmonella and meningitis. Rats will often look for food in commercial kitchens – the perfect place to spread disease. To help prevent rats in your workspace, it is important to ensure you keep all food stored in sealed containers, keep bins sealed and clean up any scraps of food or crumbs that could attract these unwanted pests.

Controlling Rats:

Due to their remarkably quick breeding habits, it’s important to identify a rat problem before it gets out of control. Our staff are trained to handle any size rat problem and have all the necessary equipment to ensure an effective and long-term solution.You want to be proactive? Well we offer regular inspection services for commercial businesses like kitchens, hotels and warehouses.

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