Mice infestations are much more common and destructive than you realise, and with female mice able to give birth to 5-10 litters a year, mice infestations can become a much bigger problem very quickly. The risks associated with a mice infestation include:

Structural Damage:

Even a small infestation of mice can result in considerable structural damage. Mice frequently chew on a variety of hard materials as a way to trim their incisors, which never stop growing. Any damage to your furniture caused by mice is unsightly, but it is the unseen damage to wires and cables that should be of most concern to any home or business owner. Mice chewing into electrical wiring can result in short circuits, while also creating a fire hazard.

Damage to Goods:

Mice will chew away at almost any material for a number of reasons: they’re either wearing their incisors down, trying to open a pathway, or gathering nesting materials. Your furniture, stock, and food are all at risk of not only being damaged, but also contaminated by mouse urine, and any diseases the mice might be carrying.

Damage to Health and Safety:

Like rats, mice commonly carry and transmit a variety of viruses and bacteria that all can result in serious illnesses in humans. And you don’t even need to see or have direct contact with a mouse to be exposed, with some illnesses being transmitted by breathing in dust contaminated with mice faeces, urine, or birthing fluids. Mice are also carriers of Salmonella bacteria, which is easily transferred to food and drinking water.

Call us immediately if you or your staff identify a mice infestation.

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