Whilst bees are a traditionally passive insect and only use their stinger as a last resort, they can be very territorial in nature. This can cause big problems when bees decide to nest in your building.

People will often notice an infestation in spring time when bees are in surrounding plants and flowers, gathering nectar. Many commercial buildings and schools have flowering plants around car parks and entrances. Some of these supportive environments can house swarms of unwanted bees. A typical hive can accommodate up to 20,000 bees.

Where do they nest?

Unfortunately, bees can build nests in trees close to homes or, in some cases, within wall cavities and ceilings in buildings like schools and offices. In the warmer months, bee populations can multiply dramatically. New colonies will seek additional nesting grounds.

How do we deal with bees?

The beneficial role bees play in our environment so far outweighs their status as a pest. It’s for this reason that many pest control companies don’t like to kill off a beehive.

Our trained staff are capable of moving an entire colony of bees without harming them. First and foremost, the safety of all occupants is our top priority. We highly recommend that you do not try to deal with a bee issue on your own.

If you have any suspicions or concerns about a hive close to your premises, please call us for an immediate inspection and assessment of your situation.

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