Rat Control

Adams Pest Control Field Biologist Tim Gillon discusses the challenges faced in protecting our food production in Melbourne from rodents.

One thing that we all take for granted is the food we cook and eat in our homes. However we should understand is where it comes from and the danger to our health that Rodents (Rats and Mice) can inflict on us.

What I want to do is show you the importance of Pest Control in any given season and Winter is Rodents, we will talk about other Pests at their most dangerous times of the year when it is appropriate.

Rat sitting on a pallet mouse-in-electrical-box

The photos above show a large rat sitting in a pallet, in a food manufacturing plant loading dock/raw product storage area. The second shot is of a mouse in a trap in an electrical control box of food manufacturing equipment plant. Both are original shots taken recently indicating the threat that rodents pose to our food production here in Melbourne.

The shots below are rat burrows taken around a shopping centre in inner metro area…

Rat Burrow Rat Burrow

One of the primary factors that makes Melbourne a challenging area is that it is old and virtually untouched and even with the massive new development throughout inner Melbourne and surrounding metro area it is a foundation for a very healthy population of rats and mice.

Melbourne is made of groups of very old buildings all joined together with timber floors allowing for cavities under almost every building. Many of the buildings are of two or three levels allowing for spaces between floors all having very old high ceiling voids. Many of the buildings also have very old cobblestone laneways at the rear. These laneways back onto, predominantly, old residential buildings structured in a similar way of the same era as the retail/restaurant strip. All these old laneways are also used to store masses of waste bins and just about everything else due to high density of the entire area. All the residential areas have well established old style gardens and yards consisting of old sheds, established fruit trees, long grass and in many cases the properties are quite run down.

Retail/restaurant areas in inner Melbourne consist of small to large businesses constructed almost entirely within old structures with businesses ranging from small cafes, restaurants and bars through to supermarkets, major public facilities and food manufacturing. Other factors that contribute to this environment is its proximity to the Yarra River and established parklands.

I can assure this is just the tip of iceberg and a story that needs to be told to make people aware of the dangers and the responsibility that Pest Control Companies have to look after our food chain making the Industry much more important than it has been given credit for.

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