rodent pest control

Rats & Mice love living in our buildings as they provide shelter, warmth, food and water. These creatures cause massive damage to buildings, furniture, wiring and goods as well as spreading disease via their droppings and urine and they can spread parasites and intestinal worms.

Both are prolific breeders, so left unchecked they can become a huge problem. For example two rats have been known to produce 350 million offspring within 3 years.


Prevention Tips

The earlier you can implement prevention techniques the better as Rodents are capable of reproducing quickly turning a small population into a full blown infestation in a short time.

The first thing to ensure is that you prevent access to any possible food sources including small crumbs, food waste and rubbish. This might seem like common sense but keeping your kitchen and bin areas clean will go a long way to preventing a population explosion. Keep food in sealed containers to prevent contamination and make sure you don’t leave any food waste in sinks or on counters.

How we deal with your rodent pest control problem

Our professional staff can handle any size rodent problem and with professional equipment and techniques we can will provide an effective long term solution. We also offer regular inspection services for commercial businesses like kitchens, hotels and warehouse, protecting your business from future rodent infestations.

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