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Adams Pest Control has been in the pest control business for over 70 years, and during the last 10 years the company has collected valuable service data from the field. Adams Pest Control was the first pest control company to use scanning and barcode technology, and today the company continues to innovate by ensuring that it is able to meet its customers’ reporting requirements through the use of Real Time Reporting (RTR).

Real Time Reporting for Pest Control

A survey of facilities managers has shown that in terms of effectiveness, reporting runs second only to effective Pest Management Programs, and this reporting should be RTR. Flexibility in reporting, trend analysis and adaptability is key to effective reporting.

With this in mind, Adams Pest Control has developed an innovative RTR system that allows its clients to access each service immediately after it is completed. Adams Pest Control technicians can now enter field data from a client’s site directly into the company’s Pest Management Database with the use of a tablet. At this point, a client can access trend reporting immediately.

An easily read traffic light system is then used to code for pest activity in the basic trend report (for instance, green equals low activity, yellow is medium activity and red represents high activity) – colour-coding pest activity for trends to be easily identified in specific areas or indeed over time (for instance, seasons). The company can tailor the trend report over any data range. In addition, it can add other reports that detail material usage, pesticide batch numbers and material safety data sheets to the company’s client’s ‘PestWeb’ login.

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