There are many factors that influence the price of pest control in Melbourne. These include the type of pest you are experiencing problems with, and the extent of the problem or infestation.

You can use our handy, online quote request form, which will ask you a series of questions that will help us determine your exact needs. Once completed, you can expect a personalised quote within 24-hours.

Alternatively, you can contact our Melbourne office to schedule a visit from one of our trained technicians. They will then conduct a full on-site inspection of your Melbourne home or business, after which they will provide you with a detailed quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Melbourne Pest Control Services

Are termites a problem in Melbourne?

The cooler climate of Melbourne does not exempt the area from termites, and the damage they cause. Termite control regulations afford newer building and houses some protection against termite infestations, but regular termite inspections are still recommended for all buildings and homes.

Aren’t white ants different to termites?

No, white ants – like wood ants – is simply an older term used for termites. Like many other insects, termites are divided into different species, with appearance varying considerably across the different species. Australia is home to around 300 termite species, and while only some of these are responsible for property damage, you should always contact a professional pest control service to inspect.

Won’t my insurance cover termite damage?

Most home and commercial insurance policies do not provide any cover for termite damage. Your commercial insurer may offer separate pest damage cover, but this would not be part of standard commercial cover.

Are your pest control services available in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs?

Absolutely. Our pest control services are available throughout Melbourne, from the western suburbs across to the eastern suburbs, and from the northern suburbs down to the southern suburbs. We also provide pest control services to smaller regions around Melbourne, including Ballarat, Craigieburn, the Yarra Ranges, and Werribee. Contact us to find out if your area is covered.

How can I tell if my home or business has bed bugs?

Bed bugs can cause considerable reputational damage to any business operating in the hospitality industry. Train your staff to look for evidence of bed bugs, which includes tiny blood spots on bed linens, and tiny faecal matter that is usually rust coloured or black. Bed bugs are very small – around 5-6mm – so they are not always easy to detect unless you know what other signs to look for.

Are bed bugs harmful?

Bed bug bites pose no serious risk to human life, but they are unpleasant, and can damage the reputation of your business. In the right environment, bed bugs will have no difficulty moving about, and breeding, leading to a wide-spread infestation very quickly. The best response to a bed bug problem is to call in a professional pest control service, for a fast acting, and long-lasting solution.

What can I do to prevent cockroaches?

The most effective way to prevent cockroaches in your business is through the use of professional, proactive pest control services. Cockroaches thrive in environments that offer protection, and a steady supply of water and food. You can take steps additional steps to prevent cockroaches by:

Blocking access to food and water. Don’t leave food out on counters, and where possible, store food in sealable containers, or sealed bags. Keep sinks and buckets clean and dry, and never leave water standing overnight.
Keep workspaces and kitchens clean. Throw away food scraps, and wipe up all food and liquid spills. Make sure all garbage containers can seal, and empty them regularly.
Make sure all storage rooms are dry, and free of clutter. Cluttered storage rooms that are infrequently used make the perfect shelter for cockroaches. Pest control solutions are more effective if areas like this are uncluttered and dry.
Seal cracks and gaps around electrical sockets and plumbing, which cockroaches can use as entry points.

We can not only help keep your Melbourne business clear of cockroaches, but also give you valuable advice on the measures to implement in your building to reduce cockroach infestations.

What is the difference between rats and mice?

We commonly refer to rats and mice as rodents, but when it comes to pest control, it is important to know the difference. The methods for control an infestation of mice is different to that for rats, and confusing the two won’t help. Although they are both nocturnal, critical differences between rats and mice include:

Rats are much larger than mice, and can reach up to 40 cm in length. Mice are usually 12 to 20 cm in length.
The tails of rats are long, but scaly and hairless. Mice also have long tails, but they tend to be thinner, and have hair.
Mice have larger ears than rats, while their snouts are triangular in shape. The snouts of rats are much more blunt than that of mice.

Despite these differences, the use of professional pest control is always recommended since both rats and mice carry diseases that can infect humans. On top of the serious health risk presented by rats and mice, there is the risk of costly damage to property and infrastructure.

Why do I have mice in my home or business?

Like cockroaches, mice are drawn to sheltered environments with a source of food and water. Mice seldom have difficulty getting into closed spaces, with a 6mm hole being more than enough for a mouse to squeeze through.

Aren’t mouse traps an effective solution?

Mouse traps can be effective for responding to some mouse invasions, but pest control services remain the ideal solution. Being nocturnal, a mouse problem can go undetected for some time, and only become noticeable once the population is large and out of control. Our pest control technicians are trained to detect mouse problems of any size, locate the nests and possible entry points, and to eliminate and control all manner of pest problems in Melbourne.

How fast do mice breed?

Mice are able to start breeding from the age of two months onwards, and can easily birth new litters up to 10 times in a year. Mice in the wild typically live for 1-2 years.