Adams Pest Control has introduced a number of new services aimed at helping food and beverage manufacturers become more proactive about pest control.

Among these new maintenance and control services is a fortnightly service call in which the company’s senior management discusses the emergency call-outs for your sites.

“This documented information allows for a more transparent conversation with our clients around certain pest issues”, says Adams Pest Control general manager, Peter Taylor.

The company is also offering a service called Alternating Pest Technicians, which, as the name suggests, allows for a fresh set of eyes to investigate and maintain pest issues.

In addition, Adams Pest Control can provide written advice to companies and their staff outlining the implications of poor food hygiene in food and beverage facilities.

“We will communicate with staff in a written letter to help them understand the ramifications of poor food hygiene.” Taylor says.

Another proactive service is a monthly review meeting in which Adams Pest Control meets with key staff to discuss pest maintenance.

Pest proofing is another big issue in the food and beverage industry, and Adams Pest Control has introduced a service in which it assesses and supplies a written report of the proofing issues.

Also, as part of its Integrated Pest Management Program, Adams can assist in a number of other areas important to the pest management equation such as landscaping, carpentry and plumbing.

“The proper selection of new plants and the area they cover, as well as existing plants and maintenance, then best types of ground cover and grassing, are just some of the areas we can assist with: Taylor says.

“We can also help with the filling of holes in existing buildings, doors seals and window coverings, and the covering of drain holes and open pipes.”

The company is also implementing Baitsafe – the latest innovation in pest control, which attacks rodents in roofs and wall cavities, and it can also investigate pest trends for companies, such as logging rodent activity alongside changing climate patterns.

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