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Adams Pest control has technology that allows rapid response to pests – just download this free app to your mobile device. Below are some of the apps vast capabilities

Hot Spot Monitoring – This system works by mitigating the risk through data collection via 24/7 monitoring sensors. This gives you peace of mind with protection between scheduled services. The process is tailored to fit your circumstances/buildings.

Ground Level – The exact time of a possible infestation, capture or source of rodent activity is often unknown. Our sensors track and control with continual monitoring giving a Rapid Pest Response. Your business can benefit from our appropriately tailored monitoring device system. We have the flexibility to adapt to the most advanced collecting technology.

Roof Void – We have sensors tracking activity along eaves, pipes and suspended ceilings

Below Ground – Below ground level we have waterproof devices with NFC enabled sensors – the signal can penetrate concentrate and solid earth. This technology allows Adams to have baiting stations that protect the environment in underground areas while avoiding possible pollution issues.

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