Adams Pest Control has developed a new electronic monitoring service that can map pest hotspots and then measure the success of pest management strategies.

The first part of the new offering is called Data Collect, and this sees sensors placed to collect data that reveals where the most pest activity is located, and the frequency of that activity.

The second part is Data Protect, which sees sensors placed inside baiting devices to gather and share data on pest activity in each location after the hot spots are mapped, and a strategic baiting plan has been rolled out.

The data is transmitted via a next generation cellular network and is stored in the cloud, according to Adams director and general manager Peter Taylor.

“We have been working on this technology for nine years,” Taylor says.

“It’s taken a long time to perfect. We’ve just starting rolling out these services and already have three major clients, plus we’re in talks with two more, so we are happy with the take-up.”

Adams handles a variety of pest problems including cockroaches and rodents

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