Mice infestations are very common, sudden and destructive. A female mouse can produce up to ten litters a year; so unchecked mice populations can grow rapidly. If you have a mice infestation, here are some of the financial and health risks you may face.

Structural Damage:

Mice have a destructive nature and they can create serious damage. They will not only chew on wooden and fabric based furniture but also wire and insulation. Damage to wiring can cause fires, creating a much larger problem for your building. Damaged insulation is also a fire hazard and often a symptom of mice infestation.

Damage to Goods:

Not only will mice damage the structure of your building, they will damage your goods as well. Mice will hoard and consume food scraps, magazines, newspapers and more. Mice will chew away at furniture leaving unsightly chew marks and can ruin expensive goods. If your business is in the food industry, mice will not only eat your stock, but they will contaminate it as well.

Damage to Health and Safety:

Controlling your mice problem can mean eliminating the risk of disease. The inhalation of dust contaminated by the birthing fluids of mice or rats can cause Q fever in humans, a disease that can often have serious complications. Mice also transmit salmonella, murine typhus and leptospirosis.

If you or your staffs identify a mice infestation, then call us immediately.

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