Ants cause big problems for many organizations, simply because they travel in numbers. When you have an ant problem, it’s usually big. Buildings are a paradise for ants as they provide shelter, access to food, water and warmth in colder months. The most common places we see ants is around kitchens, in roof and under floors.

Ant Problems:

Only certain species such as fire ants and bull ants bite and sting; but when they do, ants can cause significant pain and discomfort.

Ants are scavengers by nature. They often wander into garbage, rotting food and other unsanitary areas and spread disease. It’s important to have ants removed from kitchens and food storage areas as quickly as possible.

Ants look bad for business. There’s nothing worse than having a customer spot unwanted ants in your place of business, especially if you’re involved in the food service industry.

Providing a Solution:

Our staff are properly trained and use industry grade equipment to provide you with an effective solution to your ant problem. We take care to only use baits, dust and sprays in our processes, which is harmless to both your staff and customers. We will always provide a thorough inspection of your premises before beginning the extermination and removal process.

Professionals seek to locate nests using proper equipment, employing their knowledge of pests and pest nesting places. The extermination of nests is essential in providing a long-term solution but can be difficult for business owners to do without a help of professionals as nests are often hidden.

Ant Baiting:

The advantage of baits is that ants will generally carry the poison back to their colony, killing the whole nest. Professional pest control service can use industry grade baits to help get rid of ants faster than the ones you grab off the shelf.

If you’re experiencing an ant problem in your organisation, call us now.

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