Adams Pest Control Melbourne has provided Melbourne’s business professional Pest control services for over 70 years. We are a specialist in the non-domestic pest control industry, therefore all our energy, concentration and resources offer true and measurable results that benefit your business.

Our head office is based in Port Melbourne but we provide Pest Control Services to all suburbs and neighboring towns such as:

  • Ballarat
  • Daylesford
  • Frankston and the Mornington Penisular
  • Kyneton
  • Geelong and the Bellarine Penisular
  • Healesville and the Yarra Ranges
  • Melton
  • Mount Macedon
  • Werribee

Our technical experience means that we are well aware of our contract responsibilities and have implemented an Integrated Management System Manual that incorporates all particular Government, Business and Company requirements and specifications. We are proud to hold the following accreditation’s:

We service over 4000 clients per month on a national basis, which is unique in the pest control industry. Our clients rely heaily on our experience to maintain and control their pest issues.

Melbourne Pest Control Trends

Rodent Pest Control

During the cooler months Melbourne businesses suffer from an influx of rats and mice as they move indoors looking for warm and dry places to shelter. They are often found in industrial and built up areas and can be a nightmare for businesses in the food industry as they spread disease and contaminate food.

Termite Control

Many people are surpised to learn that termites are prominent in Melbourne as they assume that its cooler climate isn’t as good for termites. While its now mandatory for new buildings to adhere to termite protection requirements many older buildings are left un-protected. The best way to defend against termite damage, is with an annual termite inspection


Possums are prolific in Melbourne and love to make their homes in warm dry buildings. They will also rummage through available food and spread disease while leaving droppings, causing damage and urine stains. which can damage your building and any goods inside it.

Your problem can get bigger too as once a possum finds a good place that is dry and has food sources they often attract other possums.


Many businesses in Melbourne suffer problems due to birds and in particular Pigeons and Seagulls who cause damage to property and spread diseases and Magpies and Plovers who will swoop and attack anyone who gets to close to their nests during spring. Problems from birds may cause your business to fail health audits.

Melbourne doesn’t just suffer from the pests above and so we are also experts in proving pest control solutions for: Cockroaches, Ants, Bees, Fleas, Silverfish, Spiders, Stored Pest, Wasps and Bed Bugs

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